CAROLINA Leather Collection | Quarter Hide (~16 SqFt)

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CAROLINA is our collection of soft suede leather. CAROLINA is very soft to touch and has nice oily yet dry feel to it. CAROLINA is specifically suited for footwear projects. If you are looking for suede leather that has more tensile durability and can be used also for leather goods, check out our CARLINA collection.

Grain: Suede
Type:  Cow Leather
Finish: Oily Dry Touch
Shininess: Matte
Color: 20 Colors Available**
Size: 10-16 sqft 
Temper: Very Soft
Origin: Italy
Tan: Chrome Tanning
Thickness: 1.2 ~ 1.4 mm
Most suitable for: Leather goods and Footwear
Ecological Impactthis leather is carbon neutral (in manufacturing) and 90-95% biobased product (USDA Certified Biobased Product).
Splitting Available (note: all split order hides will be cut to 14" wide in order to process through the machine)

*Full grain leather has little to no correction on the skin. It preserves the natural characteristics so you will see wrinkles and scars across the skin.

**Please note colors shown in thumbnails will not be 100% true to the original colors. They will have a margin of 10% of error depending on various factors such as the color setting of your monitor.